A podcast to listen to while you sleep in your Tesla.


Deep Healing with Greg Barris is a philosophical comedy with a dash of psilocybin. New Episodes drop on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and our Podcast page

Comedian, healer, and host Greg Barris will walk you through this meditative journey that ponders life's big questions and glitches in reality with you. Does this paper towel love me? Will you get that flower pot? Has this oven always been broken?

In the tradition of deep thoughts with Jack Handy or David Lynch, reads the weather report Comedian Greg Barris leads you through this micro podcast full of exercises, affirmations, life advice, and tips to healing with a philosophical comedic take. Listening to podcasts may cause radical healing, leaving your soul refreshed and youthful. 

Enter this fantastical universe produced by Michelle Newman of Newman Media. Where Newman’s audio alchemy offers listeners an immersive experience of every day into the uniquely strange. 



Created by: Greg Barris and Michelle Newman
Host: Greg Barris
Produced: Michelle Newman
Written: Greg Barris
Music: Greg Barris with additional sound via Epidemic sound
Executive produced: Newman Media
Editing/Sound Design: Michelle Newman
Cover Art: Dima Drjuchin

About the Hosts

Greg Barris


Greg Barris is an American Comedy Scene Darling and has served as a staple in New York’s downtown stand-up scene for years. A frequent Time Out New York Critic’s Pick, much loved by BrooklynVegan and hailed as "Excellent" by The New Yorker, Greg created and hosted the long-running comedy variety show "Heart of Darkness". Greg and guitarist / visual artist Dima Drjuchin (Corrupt Autopilot) teamed up to form the Wigmaker's Son. Together they created a Zappa-meets-Lonely Island pop fantasy comedy album, ‘Greatest Tits’, featuring friend Reggie Watts.
Greg has released a new stand-up album 'Deep Healing' on Aspecialthing Records which is available for purchase via their website. Greg now lives L.A. where you can find him on stages across the city and beyond.

Michelle Newman


Michelle Newman is a Los Angeles-based podcast producer and the founder of Newman Media.
A specialist in handmade humor and all things hot glue with a background in fine art, video, and comedy, Michelle has worn many hats before pivoting into creating podcasts for you to enjoy. Currently, she is also co-hosting "Scary Mystery Surprise", a paranormal comedy podcast on Scary.FM.